China says US abrupt closure of Houston consulate

China says US abrupt closure of Houston consulate

Decades later, in the biggest explosion of diplomatic relations between the two countries, the United States retaliated after it had to close its Houston consulate.

U.S. State Department spokesman Wang Wenbin told a general meeting in Beijing on Wednesday that the U.S. government had given China three days to close its consulate in the fourth most populous city. China says it plans to respond with the Trump administration if it does not reverse this wrong decision.

The State Department later confirmed in a statement that it had ordered the closure of the consulate "to protect American intellectual property and American private information." The agency said diplomats to international agreements were required to respect the laws and regulations of the host country and not to interfere in its internal affairs.

Futures fell with European stocks on the S&P 500 index following China's announcement, while the Treasury rose sharply and the dollar lost ground. The yuan weakened and Hong Kong shares exacerbated its decline. At 8,850 per ounce of gold, silver has fallen back from its highest level in almost seven years.

From trade and 5G networks to regional disputes and contagion responsibility, the U.S. has clashed with China. The Justice Department on Tuesday accused two Chinese hackers working for Beijing of trying to steal data from Western companies in 11 countries, including the coronavirus.

Travis Trinamool China partner Trey McAvor said Beijing would struggle to quantify its response without facing further growth.

"Over the past few weeks we have seen a change in US government actions towards China," McArver said. "The closure of the consulate is already big news in China, so the government needs to respond."

The Houston Chronicle and two local TV stations reported quoting local police following a witness statement made by Houston police and firefighters that witnesses were being shot outside in open containers. In videos posted online by local media outlets in Houston, several containers caught fire and smoke rose into the sky.

The US. And although China’s diplomatic staff often find themselves in the midst of controversy, it has been on the verge of expanding relations since it was formally established two decades ago. Recently, the U.S. and China have been holding out on China's demands to regulate the health checks of U.S. diplomats who left the country at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan.

The Houston TV stations KPRC and KOU did not allow local firefighters to monitor the situation, but the fire was extinguished, KOOU said. The Houston Chronicle reported no injuries.

China on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against U.S. officials for allegedly harassing diplomats and threatening Chinese students, seizing personal electrical equipment, and detaining them without cause. The couple said there had been recent bombings and death threats to Chinese diplomatic missions and personnel. China has stated in a statement that there will never be intrusion and interference in the genes and tradition of China's foreign policy.

"China strongly condemns the disgraceful and inappropriate act against China-US. The State Department has stated:" We urge the United States to immediately withdraw its wrong decision. Otherwise China will respond legally and as needed. "

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