Covid-19: French government ministers investigated to deal with the crisis

A special French court on Friday ordered the trial of three current or former government ministers to resolve the coronavirus crisis.

COVID-19 patients, doctors, prison staff, police officers, and others have filed an unprecedented 90 complaints in recent months in the Republic of Justice Court, particularly in Europe over the lack of masks and other equipment. The virus has spread. The court usually sees only a few complaints per year.

The court, which is dealing with cases against superiors, said in a statement on Friday that it had thrown 44 cases out of 90 complaints and 37 cases were still being studied.

Nine people have been worth investigating, targeting former Prime Minister Edward Philip, health minister Oliver Vernon or former health minister Agnes Buzzin, who resigned before the court's announcement.

He is accused of "failing to fight disaster" and could be jailed for up to two years and fined if found guilty.

The only indictment that the court upheld in the 90 complaints was the multiple charges, including murder and endangering life. A perpetrator is likely to face a heavy jail sentence on those charges.

According to the Judicial Officer, ten cases were closed due to a lack of adequate justification for the investigation. Another 34 cases were thrown at them for technical problems, targeting various government ministers, the court said.

President Emmanuel Macron and his government have agreed that there are no masks and other misconceptions in the virus crisis. France has also been criticized for its lack of trial capability and imprisonment measures.

The current presidents cannot be targeted for lawsuits when Macron is in office because he has immunity from prosecution.

The Republic of Justice was the only French court to prosecute government ministers for their actions when they were in office and was created in the wake of a major health scandal in the 1990s.

The new investigation differs from the dozens of lawsuits filed in other French courts on nursing home maintenance or virus crisis allegations.

France has reported a total of 29,893 deaths due to the virus worldwide, half of which are in nursing homes.

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