David Beckham and Victoria Beckham want to build the lake

David and Victoria Beckham want to build a lake at their Cotswold home.

The couple is keen to make their own kidney-shaped water, which measures the life of their £ 6 million Cotswolds at about £ 3000 million.

The plan application submitted to West Oxfordshire District Council is: "Hazel, oak, honeysuckle, bramble, sycamore, wafer tree EU, hornbeam, birch, hawthorn, crab apple, wild cherry, and Sorbus."

The Heritage Impact Statement states: "The proposed lake (or large pond) will be approximately kidney-shaped and in the southern part of these plains, at the lowest part of the site. It is separated from the lawn, which extends nicely to the north shore of the lake. "

This comes after David and Victoria disagreed with their neighbors over plans to build a security gate based on their Grand Cotswolds property. Residents who have complained that the structure "destroys the environment" have now withdrawn their objection.

The plan proposal states: "The proposed use of bu buildings is fully compatible with the main dwelling. It will serve as a gateway for property owners to improve security."

Planning agents for the property said: "The new basement cellar will be built in an existing basement to build a garage along with the proposed development. The basement cellar is fully supported for the storage of alcohol and the exterior of the proposed use.

"The proposed [garage] expansion will add three new bays to the existing garage outbuilding, increasing the building from four to seven."

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