Despite tearful pleas from Rashard Brooks' widow, the judge gave her a bond with the former policeman

The deadly shooting happened on June 12 in Wendy's parking lot.

A black man accused of the death of former Atlanta police officer Rashard Brooks is being held on bond for $ 500,000 Tuesday despite Brooke's widow praying in tears.

After a nearly two-hour hearing, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Jane C. Kerr. Barwick granted bail to Garrett Rolf, who shot and killed Brooks, 27, on duty on June 12 in the parking lot of the Vandy restaurant.

Rolf, who has been in the Gwinnett County Jail since the June 18 surrender, will be released Tuesday afternoon, his attorneys said. He must charge only 10% or $ 50,000 to secure the bond.

In making his decision, Barwick rejected prosecutors' claims that Rolf was a threat to society and a flight risk.

"I don't think he's a threat to society," Barwick said.

The judge applied strict conditions for Rolf's release, requiring him to be fitted with an electronic watchdog ankle bracelet, a 6-hour follow-up. Avoid the curfew, hand over your passport, no firearms and contact the Brooks family, case witnesses and the Atlanta police officer from 6am.

Rome's lawyers, prosecutors and other participants were involved in the zoom videoconferencing while the trial was being held in Barwick Court.

Before announcing his decision, Barwick allowed Brooks' wife, Tomika Miller, to speak in court.

Miller tells Barwick to reject Rolf's bond.

"My husband doesn't deserve to die. I don't want to wait for the man who tried to get my husband to court," Miller said in tears. "This defendant should not be treated like someone accused of killing someone without remorse."

Miller also told the judge that Brooks was "a loving, caring, wonderful father, and the best husband I could have asked for."

"He had a bright smile and a huge heart," she said.

While Barwick thanked Miller for speaking out, Rolf was acquitted, as was the case with all defendants. He said state discretion in his discretion in setting bail is limited.

Rolf, who was fired from the police department, said nothing during the trial.

He was charged with 11 counts, including aggravated murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and seven violations of his office. Rolf, a stray bullet that was hit by a vehicle occupied by three people, is accused of three stray shots.

Fulton County Executive Assistant District Attorney Clinton Rucker initially requested that Rolf not be granted bail, but later requested $ 1 million in bail. Rolf's lawyer, Bill Thomas, asked the judge to grant him $ 50,000 to $ 100,000.

Family Advocates, L. Chris Stewart, and Justin Miller said, "While the Rusher Brooks family is disappointed that their murderer is being bonded today, they understand that this is only one step in his long attempt to do justice to Rashard." Joint statement.

Surveillance video showed Brooks walking through the parking lot as officers chased him. While fleeing, Brooks allegedly shot Rolf with a stun gun and threw his weapon at him. The medical examiner confirmed that Brooks died from two gunshot wounds to his back.

At a news conference last week, Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard allegedly recorded the incident as Brooks kicking Rolf Brooks while standing on the ground and standing on Brosnan Brooks' shoulder. During Tuesday's hearing, another of Rolf's lawyers, Noah Pines, denied that Rolf was kicked after he shot Brooks.

Brosnan, who was placed on administrative leave from the police department, was charged with two counts of violating probation and aggravated assault on Brooks' shoulder after being shot by Rolf. Brosnan surrendered to authorities on June 18 and was released on $ 50,000 bail.

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