Diamondbacks enters an unknown hurdle as MLB shortens the 2020 season

Diamondbacks enters an unknown hurdle as MLB shortens the 2020 season

During the 60 seasons of mini-game, the Diamondbacks found no time to increase their performance.

In a typical year, any self-respecting baseball person chewing tobacco or sunflower seeds should be ready in three words to compile about anything that happens in the two months of the baseball season: It's too early.

For the first time in modern baseball history, those words are hollow. In this (spit) non-spitting season they are not as obsolete as chewing or seed.

As baseball revolves around its 60-game blitz, it goes into a season that is one-third as high as a typical year. As a result, it turns the assembly on its head. It creates fear and urgency in a game known for control and patience.

This may seem ridiculous. It's a lot of fun.

"I trained as a baseball. People never get around in a single game." "We've been trained this way all our lives." We lost four in a row, well, big thing. ‘It’s a big deal now. This is not unique to us. This is not the way any of us should be.

"I think I'm looking forward to seeing how baseball players respond to that - and how coaches and front offices react to that dynamic for the first time."

The season has not even started and diamondbacks are already catching up with that dynamic. After spending consecutive nights at Dodger Stadium this week, manager Tori Lowe and his players are trying to figure out the right gravity ratio (the season is about to start) (knowing the game does not count).

“We can’t make mistakes from the blocks,” Lowell said after Monday night’s loss. "It's a small sprint. We need to make sure we're ready to go.

Dynamics of small climate change

A short season stats to change the calculus of baseball in many ways. It remains to be seen whether any of those changes will benefit Diamondbacks.

In the National League West, the Diamondbox seeks to chase seven-time division champion Dodgers, a club full of talent in the lower echelons as well as at the major league level. Depth may not come into play as often as before, which gives little encouragement to the diamondbacks.

Another argument is in the coincidence of events: since anything is possible in 60 games, there is a good chance for diamondbacks.

There are problems with these theories. In a world where the coronavirus can destroy a season quickly, it is hard to imagine depth, not meaningless. It can be argued that this is even more important - especially when a baseball extends into the casual wear and tear of a season.

“The tendon injury we write about at the end of spring training, the injury is all right, four to six weeks. It's unfortunate, but by then we will be restored, '' Hagen said. "Now, have you missed more than half of the season, 60% of the season? They 're going to be important. I do not believe there will be any negative injuries this year."

Who can say that the unpredictability of things favors diamondbacks? The random result will benefit as much as any of their rivals. In a world where the value of talent or depth is diminished, isn’t the Dodgers surpassed?

Madbum joined the list of talented

The best things that Diamondbacks are famous for are that spring training is discontinued in March. Diamondbacks may not match Dodgers on paper - not in the eyes of experts or projection systems - but probably do not have a team in baseball. This does not mean that they are good.

He added talent to a team in an 85-win season. They can ask fewer questions around the roster than any D-back team in recent memory.

He added a starter founded in Lefty Madison Bumgarner to lead the rotation, which includes right-handed players Luke Weaver and Jack Gallon, both of whom could come into their own as big-league starters.

He has another clay in left-handed Robbie Ray, who has never looked better - and who says he never felt better.

He proved that top players across the diamond start with the MVP candidate at second baseman Kettle Mart. He added Starling Martine to the center, Cole Calhoun, to play right. Weak guards are not considered in the lineup.

“When you see the opening nine on paper, you feel great about it,” Diamondbacks said close to Archie Bradley. "Everyone looks healthy. Everyone looks strong. Everyone is doing well. This is what makes me so excited."

His bullpen seems to have many legitimate late-starting options, especially young reliever Kevin Zinkel, former Arizona wildcats standout and fellow bullpen arm Joan Lopez who may or may not have continued their appearances last season. Ken.

Diamondbacks are good. However, during the 60-game season, good teams are likely to miss the playoffs (last year's World Series champions Washington Nationals 27–33 after 60 games). Bad teams are more likely to make it.

A lot of things about this year, from the post-season entry to the annual award recipients, are marked by the terrible Asterisk.

It could be the crazy couple of months of baseball before anyone sees it at the big league level.

“I think people are going to do what they can to win,” Bumgarner said.

“These are slightly different situations but not all different mentalities. We try to win every game we play. So part of it is not so different. This is a very thick version. "

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