DPW Holdings (DPW) stock rocket on new electric vehicle chargers

DPW Holdings (DPW) stock rocket on new electric vehicle chargers

DPW Stock Rocket on EP Charging Product Line News

DPW said in a press release that its power electronics subsidiary Coolisis Technologies is launching a new line of electric vehicle chargers. The product line is expected to offer an innovative charging solution that can produce a full charge in 30 minutes for an electric vehicle with a range of 150 miles.

DPW claims that the new product range will include a full range of solutions for EV charging. This is the way to Level 1 electric vehicle chargers for domestic use, Level 3 chargers for commercial applications that require an output of 480 VDC or higher.

In addition, the company offers three types of connectors. Three different charger connectors, Tesla, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, BMW, Ford, GM, Jaguar, and more all have the ability to charge vehicles from the manufacturer.

Amos Cohen, CEO of Cooliris, a subsidiary of DPW, said in a statement

We are ready to announce the entry of EV charges for our product line. These new products are needed to recognize the exposure to the information needed to contribute to the global appeal of the electric vehicle. Our product is recorded in the EV charge mark market, which is available as our product, which seeks sophisticated products for the auto industry and works for high-reliability power solutions of delivery. Prepare for

This is very big news

The fact is that there is a very good reason for the enthusiasm among investors in the case of DPW stock today. First of all, the electric vehicle industry is still in its infancy. Those who play major roles now will prove to be leaders in the future, and the organization falls right into that category.

With that, the EV charging station market is on a large scale, and one is growing. In fact, the EV charging industry was worth about $ 2.5 billion last year. However, if rapid growth is to be expected, the industry is expected to grow on a large scale, 10 times more in 2019 by 2027.

Considering the fact that PPW trades with a market cap of less than 15 million, pressing a very low percentage in this market has the potential to generate significant revenue for the company, which makes a lot of exciting news. And gets one DPW for the stock watchlist.

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