Haruma Miura dies: 'Attack on Titan', 'Ni Ni Todok' star 30

Actress Haruma Miura, one of Japan's top young film and television stars, has died at the age of 30 from irresponsible behavior at her Minato ward home in Tokyo.

His manager finds Miura when he comes to his house to examine a star that is not shown for work. He was rushed to a hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

Tokyo Metropolitan Police are investigating whether the cause of his death was suicide.

Miura began her Japanese career at the age of seven, appearing in the 1997 drama Agri.

He co-founded the Brash Brats band with his classmates, but the group retired in 2005.

From there, she won the Spanish Grand Prix Newcomer Award at the 2009 Menchy Film Awards for her role as Moira Naoko. He also won a new award at the 31st Japan Academy Awards for that role.

Miura has appeared in several Japanese TV dramas, supporting roles in Bimbo Wanshi and Gokusen, with Bloody Monday opposite Tero in the lead role.

In 2009, Miura co-starred with Shawn Oguri in Cross Zero II, a sequel to the action film Cross Zero

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