'He's a mess!' In a series of tweets, Trump attacked his niece.

'He's A Mess!' In A Series Of Tweets, Trump Attacked His Niece.

President Trump, along with his niece Mary Trump, followed a series of tweets on Friday evening, releasing a book of unworthy stories about her life and displaying it in various media.

President Mary Trump was told "the niece who knew very little about me, my wonderful parents (who could not stand her!) And said untrue things about me and" the Non-Violation Agreement (NDA). These tweets were also followed by former National Security Adviser John Bolton, who released his harsh critical memoirs about his time in the Trump administration last month.

Trump told his Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times articles that his nephew "violated the law by violating my ... tax revenue." "That's a mess!"

"Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Has the World's Most Dangerous Man" was published on Tuesday, which accused the president of being a narcissist and his father, Fred Trump, of being "overworked sociopath." The treatment created an “atmosphere of separation” by their children.

Clinical psychologist Mary Trump wrote, "Donald's pathology is very complex and his behavior is very unexplained, requiring a full battery of psychological and neuropsychological tests that come with an accurate and comprehensive diagnosis."

He alleged in interviews this week that the president had previously made anti-Semitic remarks and used racial tensions.

Mary Trump told The Washington Post that "growing up, they found it common to use the N-word or anti-Semitism."

From the president who went to court with his family in a failed attempt to block the release of "Too Much and Never Enough", he first publicly discussed the book in which Axis stated that Mary Trump did not want to publish after the interview because of his NDA.

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