Hong Kong police have issued the first arrest under China's controversial security law

Hong Kong police said Wednesday they have issued their first arrests under the newly passed security law.

The Associated Press reports that a man carrying a flag seeking Hong Kong independence has been arrested. A group in the city's Causeway Bay issued warnings that they could violate the new law, which hindered law enforcement. News of the arrest was also tweeted by Hong Kong police.

City police said they raised a "new plea warning flag" to warn protesters that they "may have violated the new law" by making slogans of independence.

China passed the law on Tuesday, and many in the Hong Kong media have said that Beijing will allow any activity there to deter them, which could hamper authorities with separatist motives.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement shortly before the bill's approval report, China seized power.

Pompeo's statement stated, "If China wants to regain the confidence of Hong Kong residents and the international community, Hong Kong and the people of the United Kingdom must respect the promises of the Sino-British Joint Declaration of the UN-Registered 1984."

Earlier in the day, Chinese officials described the new law as a "sword of Damocles" that hung over Beijing's top critics in the city.

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