Housemate said Amber Heard was injured for blackmail

A surviving friend who testified that Amber Heard was married to Johnny Depp told the Hollywood actor's reputation on Friday that the actress suffered her injuries for blackmailing her.

The "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise star has filed a lawsuit against the publisher and executive editor of Britain's The Sun newspaper over the 2018 story in the London High Court, calling her a "wife".

The 57 - year - old 34 - year - old model, before their two - year marriage broke up in 2017, could prove that the actress had been abused on 14 occasions, Sun said.

Depp admitted to the investigation last week, especially after the hurricane encounter, saying he heard the two "wait until the crime scene."

But the distracting actor’s tendency, Depp’s various bodyguards and crew took a stand this week and sank into Hurd’s credibility.

Depp's childhood friend Isaac Baruch, who lived in the couple's five-penthouse apartment complex in Los Angeles, said "phone bonnies" had leaked pictures of the injuries to the media.

"She shook his hand and filed a fake domestic violence lawsuit seeking a divorce and blackmail," Baruch said.

- 'Not a single injury' -

The photo in question shows the right side of Herd's face with red marks around his eye.

But Depp's friend said he saw the herd the next day "12 inches away" and his skin was clean.

Baruch said, "I have not seen a single bruise, blush, scar or scarlet cell phone print advertised in magazines. Nothing."

Lawyer Sasha Vos, who represents The Sons Publishers News Group Newspapers (NGN), tried to portray Baruch as an unreliable witness who relied on Depp for his livelihood.

Depp gave Baruch tens of thousands of dollars in free living and living expenses.

Vos asked Hurd how Baruch would make sure he didn’t cover his wounds with makeup.

Baruch said he was "100 percent sure" that he had seen Herd four times over the next three days.

"I didn't see any marks on either side of the face," he said.

- 'I hid' -

The herd attends the trial every day, but only on Mondays, when the witness enters the box for the first time.

She can expect Depp's lawyer to grill her about whether he displayed any of the photographs of the faces submitted to the court.

Sun's lawyers said they received a notice Friday from the Depp team that about 20 images had been "received or tampered with."

Depp's attorneys said the photo was "Photoshop" when asked about Baruch.

Judge Andrew Nicole agreed to consider the matter next week.

But Voss created an audio recording in which Hurd asked one of his employees to cover his wounds in public.

"I hid from everyone" can be heard in an unbroken recording that is not played on the court.

The matter was adjourned until Monday.

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