It’s July 23rd, a Seattle Mariner fan - and you’ve reached number one today!

It’s July 23rd, a Seattle Mariner fan - and you’ve reached number one today!

Yes, these two sweet words are heard later today: "Play ball!"

And for most of us, it's not football, basketball or football. It’s baseball ... finally, here it is. Starting today!

In a strange way.

The game has had a habit of, over the years, firing itself and it certainly happened this summer. By resolving its silly labor dispute it could turn into a sports venue for everyone for at least a month.

But shouting a lot about what happened, the good thing is we have a few games to watch. The pandemic eliminated minor-league baseball and it was a shame, but playing big leagues.

I do not know what the limited schedule is going to do this season, but because of COVID-19 we are making adjustments in all parts of our lives and this is definitely not one of the important things we need to take care of.

But did I say weird? Yes. Consider:

Playing 60 games instead of 162 is a big advantage for less talented teams. All games have flux‌s and some regular teams can run playoff-worthy 60-games.

The mega-talented team - basically, in my long life - is the Dodgers and Yankees and they can pay the price for the short season. The more games teams - and players - play, the more chances they have to play on average. A small sample size represents silly patterns.

And speaking of which, someone is more likely to be hit.400. Not a great opportunity, but a very good 162 out of 162 games.

Players get sick from the virus, I fear because they are probably in the NBA and NHL. The numbers say this is going to happen, but I think Major League Baseball is in great danger of not being able to finish its season because it did not go to the bubble concept.

If the stands do not have fans, there is no real reason for your players to travel around the country to damage the relationship with the virus carrier. The game is to be played in one league in Florida, another in Arizona, spring-training venues.

I’m not a big fan of putting runners in the second base to start extra innings, because it’s going to happen. Extra play, in the long run, is not a big issue - but the speed of the game. And this needs to be addressed in these games. Let's play in the box and on the mound!

Spitting anything out, it feels great but I have to watch to believe it. Well, in fact, I do not want to see.

It's likely to be a very absurd season, but consider it, Seattle Mariners fans: It's July 23rd and you're on your own! In fact, you are tied to the first place!

Well, you're also tied to the last place, but who cares? Play ball!

It’s July 23rd, a Seattle Mariner fan - and you’ve reached number one today! Originally featured on NBC Sports Northwest

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