Imran Khan has blamed India for the Pakistan Stock Exchange attack

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday accused the country of blocking the country's stock exchange, leading to a verbal battle between two nuclear-armed neighbors.

Khan told MPs in India that India was involved in these attacks. Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi repeated Monday's remarks, saying he gave no evidence. Four security personnel were killed in an attack on the Bard in Karachi. Four gunmen also died.

Qureshi's allegations were dismissed by Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Anurag Srivastava on Monday. He did not respond to requests for comment on Khan's allegations.

India and the US see Pakistan as a safe haven for terrorist groups, and the leadership of groups like Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Taiba, which attacked Mumbai in 2008, is still independent on Pakistan Live. Pakistan says India is funding terrorists in the remaining Balochistan province.

The Balochistan Liberation Army claimed responsibility for the attack on the exchange on Monday, the Associated Press reported. Khan said the attackers had planned a Mumbai-style operation and wanted to take hostages.

Pakistan, earlier this year, was placed on the global economic blacklist after making some progress to improve its control over moneylending and terror financing.

The Financial Action Task Force urged the country to complete its action plan as early as June and warned of the consequences if it does not progress, which may advise financial institutions to "seek trade relations with Pakistan and pay special attention to the transaction." . "

Srivastava said on Monday that Pakistan cannot blame India for its domestic problems. "Unlike Pakistan, India has no hesitation to condemn terrorism anywhere in the world, including Karachi."

After independence, India and Pakistan waged three major wars, two of them over Kashmir. Terrorist attack on an Indian police convoy in Kashmir in February 2019 and subsequent military conflict brought rivals to the brink.

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