In a rare ceremony, the Queen selected Captain Tom to be the 100-year-old health worker

Queen Elizabeth II is still at work and has been watching very closely for the past four months for the 94-year-old epidemic at Windsor Castle.

Friday was a busy day for her: First, one of her grandchildren got married in a surprise, secret ceremony on the palace property, which was attended by less than 30 people according to Britain's epidemic rules.

Later in the afternoon, he became a hero in the era of the epidemic to raise millions of WWII veteran, Captain Sir Thomas Moore for health workers, at a special public event in the castle's quadrangle.

People watched as the incident was covered by the media. The Royal Chair, the tip of the sword, the handshake (she wore gloves as usual) - on the grass in the sun - showed pictures and videos of both the Queen and Moore in disguise. (Usually, people have nights at indoor celebrations.)

Slightly numb due to his age, Moore approached his emperor on the grass with his faithful walker. After the ceremony, he proudly held his logo and posed for pool cameras.

At one point, both - both WWII veterans were only a sword to each other, but it was a socially distant affair. Her father, George VI, told Buckingham Palace that the Queen had used a sword. Captain Moore was accompanied by a small number of his family members.

The Queen saw photos of one of her pastel coats, dress and hat, the same dress in mint green, the same dress she wore at the wedding, arriving at the Royal Chapel of All Saints at the Royal Lodge Vass.

Moore, or plain "Captain Tom", was considered disgusting because he raised a record amount of money (approximately $ 40 million) for the National Health Service, his walk in the garden behind his bedford. Runs through follow-on sponsored laps. The service medal has gone into her breast pocket since the outbreak began.

Age of Epidemic One of the most important, most beloved and beloved of all in British public life: Captain Tom. As the BBC notes, he has been associated with Instagram influencers in a way that is seriously motivating, usually thanks to the infection and his positive outlook on life.

"To all those who are currently in trouble, the sun will shine on you again, and the clouds will fade," he said after completing WWII's 100th lap "We will meet again." The Queen invited the mansion in her own epistemic speech in May.

As soon as the Queen and her husband Prince Philip begin self-separation at London's Windsor Castle, all the usual June and July investment ceremonies at the Palace - the handing over of gangs, as it is known by conversation - are postponed due to the epidemic.

This week, Prime Minister Boris Johnson's office announced that it would be Moor Night (determined by the government, the emperor will perform the rite), and the palace hosted a special ceremony to allow both the elderly stars to have safe conditions. Responded by doing.

"As per government advice, members of the public are asked not to gather at the Windsor Town Center, hoping to attend or testify at any ceremony will not appear from an outside angle," Mahal said before the ceremony. Reminded me

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