Iran has accused Israel, the U.S. of "lying" about assassination advisers in Syria.

The Iranian military spokesman condemned "lies" about Israel and its allies at Iranian bases in Syria, including false news on Tel Aviv as part of a campaign against Tehran and Damascus. There are allegations of doing.

Brigadier General Abofazl Sachrachi, a senior spokesman for the Iranian Armed Forces General Staff, said Tehran would return against the Israeli military for its operations in Syria, with Iranian military advisers backing President Bashar al-Assad in the country's inter-state civil war. Being. .

Israel, the so-called "octopus ideology" in Syria for the retreat against Iran. This means targeting Iranian operations rather than Allied Syrian forces - that is. Without attacking the octopus head at its tents.

Dozens of Iranians are believed to have been killed in Syria in recent years. These attacks often target militias such as the Iranian-backed Lebanese Hezbollah and regularly kill Syrian regime forces.

Sheikh rejected Israeli reports of an attack on Iranians while threatening Tel Aviv's continued action with Iran's retaliation.

Referring to Israel and the United States, he said: "We warn the Zionists of their lies and puppets. If they continue their riots, they will take action against the upper part of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the resistance."

Sheikh dismissed reports of Iranian deaths as "desperate media wars, psychological activity and fabricated lies." He attributed Iran's enemies' "Zionist-Western media empire and its regional allies" propaganda and "lean muscle-flexibility".

Israel has complained about fake news and disputed territory on the Israeli-Syrian border, claiming that the 2018 rocket attack on the Golan Heights - the Israeli-Syrian border - was shot down or "wounded" by Israel last year in violation of international law. Israel in large numbers ”.

Israel is openly committed to fighting for Iran's presence in Syria, a key pillar of Tehran's strategy, which has extended its influence throughout the region. The Iranian proxy army, military advisers, money and weapons helped Assad defeat many of his enemies and regain control of much of the country.

The inclusion of Iran in Syria means that its military is now on the border with Israel, which sees the regime in Tehran as a threat. Earlier this month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Assad that he was "damaging the future of your country and your regime" by allowing Iran to gain a foothold in Syria.

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