Iran has imposed new curbs due to an increase in the number of coronaviruses

President Hassan Rouhani has said that state services will be denied to politicians who do not wear masks and will close their offices for failing to comply with health protocols.

Health Ministry spokeswoman Sima Sadat Lata said Iran was suffering from the spread of coronavirus, with 237,878 and 148 deaths on Saturday, reaching 11,408 in the country.

Rouhani said that coverage on public areas has become a must on Sunday, and the outbreak has been increasing since mid-April after stricter restrictions on cities and towns in five provinces on state television.

“Government employees should not serve masks and employees who do not wear them should be sent home because they are considered absent,” Rouhani said.

And a government website published face-covered, masked, Rouhani images.

Rouhani said it was "a religious duty" to inform others about the infected persons, and that "keeping their infection confidential violates the rights of others."

The government is trying to persuade people not to accept the facade, and the state television weekly campaign has warned viewers that "Corona is not a joke."

At the end of every news broadcast, a TV presenter puts on her mask and says: "There is no one in my immediate three meters, but I wear a mask outside the studio. You can also wear one."

State media reported on Saturday that 19 Iranian footballers from the National Estegal and Fluid Khuzestan clubs tested positive for coronavirus.

Due to the growing prevalence of coronavirus, Iran's armed forces have reduced their two-month basic combat training to one month.

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