It has been revealed that the Seattle NHL franchise will be named Kraken

It has been revealed that the Seattle NHL franchise will be named Kraken

The NHL's newest team is finally named: Seattle Kraken.

The expansion franchise unveiled its nickname on Thursday, ending 19 months of speculation over whether or not to have a traditional slim team with the team’s 32nd team name.

"Kraken is a birth name for fans." It was nominated by the fans and was a winner, ”said Seattle CEO Todd Livek.

When choosing Scandinavian folk tales for marine life, Seattle bypass options such as Seattle, Evergreen, or Metropolitan, the latter of which were indicative of Seattle's hockey history. Some fans of the team tried to get the Thunderbirds name from the local junior team.

But Kraken has a clear admiration among fans, who surrounded the name shortly after he acquired the expansion franchise in December 2018. Enthusiasm has grown since the team was first built in the 2021-22 season.

It is sharp and it looks dangerous. And gave a clear brand to the franchise to pursue it.

Seattle Marketing Vice President, Heidi Detmer said, "I think we're very authentic and great, and we hit all the major things we really wanted to feel strongly about. It's the right choice." Associated Press. "I'm absolutely in love with this brand and I think our fans will do it."

Seattle also unveiled its primary colors, which are dark black - almost black - and a shade of blue.

With the last NHL expansion team in Las Vegas, there should be no trademark issues with Kraken. Vegas Golden Knights got into trouble with the U.S. military and it took many years to resolve the trademark war.

The Seattle name is expected to be unveiled months later, running late. It was first targeted at the end of last year as products were expected to hit the market before the holiday season.

The NHL All-Star break in January was seen as an opportunity. Then came the COVID-19 pandemic, where Seattle was the starting point in the US.

Dieter said the name was chosen in the first year of this year. The finalization of the primary and secondary logos was done while working with the League's uniform provider Adidas.

Nick Corbett, NHL's Director of Relations with Adidas, said the primary logo was the approval for the S-shaped crack tank and the Seattle Metropolitan logo. The first American team to win the Stanley Cup in 1917 was the Metropolitan.

"We need the symbol of Rice and (Seattle GM) Ron Francis," Corbett told the AP. "It has to be great, it has to be strong."

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