Jennifer Aniston publicly urges fans to wear 'damn mask' to stop coronavirus outbreak

Jennifer Aniston urged fans to "wear a mask of shame" to stop the spread of coronavirus, saying the issue was "politicized at the expense of people's lives."

The Covid-19 is growing in parts of the US, including Aniston House in California, where it had to be repeatedly closed within a few weeks of opening.

The famous statue, which is drenched in the sun - a must-wear mask in many public places - has also closed its beaches ahead of Saturday's July celebrations.

Aniston, who is best known for portraying Rachel Green in the beloved comedy Friends, shared a selfie in pursuit, urging fans to cover the outside.

"I think the masks are uncomfortable and uncomfortable," the actress wrote.

"But the closure of businesses ... the loss of jobs ... the health care workers are killing the exhaustion. And many people have died because of this virus because we have had enough."

Although California Governor Gavin Newsom has made it mandatory to wear masks in many public places, the practice remains controversial for some who refuse to practice it.

51-year-old Aniston said the issue was politicized.

She wrote: “I really believe in the basic goodness of people, so I know we can still do all this, but many people in our country refuse to take the necessary steps to balance the curve and protect each other.

"People are concerned about taking away their 'rights' by asking them to wear masks. This simple and effective recommendation is politicized at the expense of people's lives.

Aniston said: "If you care about human life, please ... wear the damn mask and encourage those around you to do the same."

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