Jeremy Ronik sues NBC for confirming Trump 'double standards' in support and firing

Jeremy Ronik Sues NBC For Confirming Trump 'Double Standards' In Support And Firing

Figure skating commentators say 'what they could say' NHL analysts are angry over sex comments.

Former NHL player and analyst Jeremy Renick is reportedly suing NBC for misrepresentation, citing the idea of ​​having a trio with his wife and a female colleague at NBC Sports.

In a lawsuit filed by Trump in the New York Supreme Court on Friday, the network accused him of firing President Trump for his support, claiming that the network violated state law by including gender discrimination on the basis of gender or prohibiting sexual orientation in his shootings. , The New York Post reported.

Suspended indefinitely by the Rank Network before last Christmas, he went with his wife and then aide Catherine Tuppen a few days later to discuss a holiday in Portugal.

"We're going to bed together every night, the three of us are playing," the podcast asked those at the resort at "Splintin Chachi's" about their condition. "If it's really fruitful, it's really good, but it's never going to happen."

Former NHL star Jeremy Renic says 'NGRY' should focus on NBC's report on sex colleagues.

He said his wife and Tappan, according to Variety, appeared in "Smokin" while swimming in the pool. "A - and boobs everywhere. It looks great."

In February, he was fired despite an apology.

The network responded differently when Ronick was fired for comments made by NBC figure skating commentators Tara Lipinsky and Johnny Weir Tennon about the network's streaming service, calling it a vulgar term for vaginal and other sexual comments. Variety according to footage with Olympic figure skater Brady Tennell.

However, the U.S. While figure skating is not "favorable" to this comment, NBC Sports spokesman Dan Mason insisted it was a funny sketch.

"At Retrospect, this sketch may have been completed with generic footage," the Post reported, referring to Tennell's footage.

The post was later removed from Lipinsky's Instagram and posted elsewhere, NBC Sports spokeswoman USA Today said.

When Renick mentioned that Weir used "colorful commentary" about skaters' body parts while in the air, his NBC supervisor, Sam Flood Weir, stated that he was "gay and could say anything."

"Mr. Ronick is a victim of double standards that have been falsely emphasized against him," Ronick's lawyer Scott William Clark told the Post. "The company should not throw out a person's career because Ronick's career is with NBC. We believe the evidence from this trial will expose the violation of Mr. Rovic's rights."

When asked if he could speak at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Renick said, "I'm not saying you can do it. You know who you're working for." Do you work for NBC? Good on your NBC record, "Variety reported.

The Post reported that she claimed in the lawsuit that Tapan had told her she was not offended by her comments, but that NBC and the women's organization had pressured her to blame her.

"Although Jeremy and I are good friends, what he said was not acceptable, especially among office colleagues. I do not condemn his comments at the time.

"The comments she made were inappropriate and would allow NBC to send a bigger message to the community that Ronick's post-play career would not be ruined," Post reported.

The lawsuit alleges that Ronick lost other contracts in the wake of his shooting.

"We have not seen the complaint and we have no comment," NBC told The Rap.

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