Joe Biden calls Trump America 'first racist president' - despite slave ancestors

Joe Biden calls Trump America 'first racist president' - despite slave ancestors

Joe Biden elected Donald Trump as the "first" racist American president, despite the many slaves.

The remarks were made by the Presidential Democratic Presidential nominee during an online campaign organized by the Service Employees International Union on Wednesday when a participant complained about the racism alleged by Trump on COVID-19.

Mr. Biden was then cited for using phrases such as "the spread of racism" to decrypt a "China virus" such as the coronavirus.

"The way he treats people based on the color of their skin, his national origin is where they are completely sick," Biden said. "The sitting president has not done so yet."

"Never, ever, ever. No Republican president has ever done that. There is no Democratic president," he said. "We have racists, they have. He tried to get elected president. He was the first."

Despite previous slave-owning presidents such as George Washington and Woodrow Wilson, Mr. Biden's comments have come under scrutiny amid demonstrations across the country against systemic racism across the United States.

Wilson, a separatist, recently removed his name from Princeton University School of Public Policy in protest of racism.

Trump said Wednesday that he did more for blacks than anyone else except Mr. Abraham Lincoln.

Citing the low unemployment rate for minority groups before the spread of coronavirus, along with the criminal justice reforms and expansion of opportunity area of ​​his administration, "no one is close".

Trump senior campaigner Katrina Pearson said in a statement that "no one should lecture Joden about racial justice."

Democrats, who said earlier this week that four black women were being considered their choice for a vice-presidential candidate, promised to address systemic racism once elected.

He was already critical of Trump when the president said last year that the colors of the four Democratic Congresses should “go back” to their countries.

Mr. Biden called it a "flat, racist attack."

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