'Kissing Booth 2': Hope's relationship with Eli and Noah goes through a tough patch with her at Harvard

'Kisses Booth 2': Hope's relationship with Eli and Noah goes through a tough patch with her at Harvard

'Kisses Booth 2', the upcoming Netflix original film trailer, shows Eli and Nova bonding through a tough patch after going too far

'Kisses Booth 2' is going to put Ellie (Joey King) in a very difficult place and she has to choose between her friend Lee Flynn (Joel Courtney) and her boyfriend Noah Flynn (Jacob Elordi). We saw in the trailer of the sequel that Elle spent a beautiful summer with her boyfriend Noah, resolving all the conflicts that arose from her relationship.

However, it has been 27 days since he left Harvard for college, and Eli is still in high school. During her first day at school, Elle goes through this stage, where doubts arise about her classmates' relationship because Harvard is a place where brilliant and beautiful girls are, and eventually Noah turns around and their relationship ends.

However, Elle meets a new student named Marco (Taylor Perez), and seduces her. There is also a scene in the trailer between Elle and Marco, who asks if she's sure about her relationship with Noah and that no one should leave the relationship they think is alive. Elle had doubts about Noah's relationship, especially when he covered up the fact that he was spending too much time with a new friend he met at Harvard, which did not show good things.

In addition, Elle decided to break another promise she made to her best friend Lee. The two decided to move to Berkeley together, where her mother became a good friend. However, at Noah's request, she decided to apply to Harvard as well, but it seems she did not share it with Lee. We found him with a brochure and application for Harvard in his car trunk and he was shocked.

He confronts her. We do not know how this conflict will affect their relationship. What we do know, however, is that Ella has doubts about Noah's feelings for him, and will leave at some point if we can go through the trailer and separate his best friend in the process. We will.

It's suspiciously 'To All Boys: P.S.' Is close to the plot. I still love you, what you said is true. 'Kisses Booth 2' covers the subplot of Ellie's relationship with Lee, which runs parallel to Noah's and Marco's. Will the film end for the Elle and Flynn brothers or will she preserve her relationship with her best friend and her boyfriend? We see that in the picture.

'Kisses Booth 2' will be released on Netflix  July 24.

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