Lebanese Finance Minister believes in international stimulus: Akash

Sky News reports that the Lebanese finance minister has said the country's financial crisis has turned it into a "failed" state but believes the international bailout will be accepted soon.

"The government is doing everything necessary to get out of this crisis," Raul Nehme told Sco News. "Everything is a failed state," he said.

The Lebanese financial crisis began to take hold as the currency depreciated, threatening to drag the country into a high inflationary slump. Food prices are rising so fast, the military has recently taken meat off its menu, and blackouts are spreading as fuel spreads.

Nehme said the bailout of the International Monetary Fund was certain and that no one would invest in a country that was not structured by the IMF. Lebanon has been negotiating with the IMF for months without an agreement, and according to Akash there is no consensus in the government on the deficit bailout policy or deficit size.

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