Meghan Markle is reportedly contracted for a film based on a political novel

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry trademarked their Archwell charity for TV shows and films, with the former star preparing to produce a new film based on a novel.

According to a report in The Sun, it is reported that the Duchess of Sussex has signed a deal with political novelist Lloyd Scott.

The publication further reveals that Meghan has signed an undisclosed agreement to play the role of producer and to oversee script development.

Moving on to its movie adaptation, the novel revolves around Senator Staff Maverick Johnson Malone serving under Senator Sun ever Wainwright, later revealed to be a Russian operator.

While Meghan reaffirms her stance on not acting, she has plans for her role as a producer.

According to an insider quoted by The Sun, "Lloyd was enthusiastic about the deal. She said Meghan approached her after she alerted the Internet blog about the book.

"It will be a great screenplay and will have all the contacts to make Meghan huge," the source said.

"It has messages about democracy and what's right - it's about Meghan," she said.

The report stated that the main character of the storyline was the cause of her interest.

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