Messi missed the La Liga by failing Barce and the danger got worse

Barcelona did all this about the Champions League and after handing over La Liga to Real Madrid, have now given it all up.

It was not enough to win the title for the eighth time in 11 years last season. Winning a double was not even a year ago.

La Liga and the Copa del Rey became Barca's default, granted their domestic dominance, and later frustrated in Europe.

The chaos of this season can still save the Champions League, but many of the fans are also hoping for the worst against Barcelona's rivals Bayern Munich in the quarter-finals.

With the outbreak-delayed final 16 matches tied at 1–1, many, including Lionel Messi, are also worried about Napoli's past. "If we continue like this, it will be very difficult to win the Champions League and I have shown the same in La Liga," I said a long time ago, with Messi disappointed after losing to Osuna on Thursday.

"If we want to fight for the Champions League we have to change a lot because otherwise the match against Napoli, we will lose that way too."

After winning the Troubles for over a year, Barcelona will end without a trophy for the first time in 12 years.

Yet the concern is not so many failures this season, but they are likely to start.

Messi is 33 years old and his anger is mainly on board, led by the team that left Barcelona, ​​not for the present or for the future.

Messi has had no inheritance plan since joining Paris Saint-Germain in 2018 and has set a world record fee for players who fail to balance or sell books.

Antoine Griezmann, who was bought for 120 120 million, left Atletico Madrid for Camp Nou and felt he was the culmination of his club career. Earlier this month, he came off the bench, against Atletico, during injury.

And it’s not just Messi. Gerard Pique, Sergio Busquets, Luis Suarez and Jordi Alba are all 31 or older.

- Political mistake -

Away from the pitch, political offenses have angered the dressing room, with Messi publicly reprimanding Ernesto Valverde for sacking sports director Eric Abidal in February.

Valward can be understood last summer after appearing to be running his course after two successful years.

But the change in the mid-season, for Barca at the table, and for coaches like Quick Setian, who need time to grasp his ideas, now feels reckless.

Certain acknowledged team management like Barcelona, ​​which was a challenge for him. He meant that some players need to think more about the team.

He also made mistakes and it remains to be seen whether he will get paid from his job. Bartomeu claimed that Cetian would remain in the Champions League, but a 2–1 defeat at home to Osuna intensified the suspicion.

"I think so," Cetian said Thursday when asked if he would take charge next month.

With the presidential election coming up at the club next year, the situation is not appealing to the elite coach.

If Bartomeu's successor loses, rival candidate Victor Font wants to hire JV Hernandez. This means that Setian or his replacement is likely to have a full season in the job, but not everyone has the authority or determination in the long run.

Zinedine Zidane showed what can be done with aging, which seems to be dead to its feet. It is very difficult to see who can do a similar rescue job in Barca or who is willing to do it with this board.

With no money to spend on the aftermath of the coronavirus epidemic, the answer may shift back to youth, with Ricky Puig and Ansu Fati broke up this season.

Even on a bad team, Messi is desperate to win ahead

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