Military secrets: What happened to Russia's new T-14 tank in Syria?

Military secrets: What happened to Russia's new T-14 tank in Syria?

Here's what you need to remember: If the T-14 Armata was actually fired by the rebels - whether or not they were "lucky" - the modern tanks might not be very useful, especially given its price.

Several media reports have suggested that the Russian army's new T-14 Armata tank was "war-tested" in Syria last month. Referring to Russia Beyond Russia, Russian Industry and Commerce Minister Denis Manturov said in a TV interview on Rosia-1 in mid-April, "Yes, it is true. They (Armata tanks) are in Syria.

If other media accounts are to be believed, the "granular elements" may have survived because an Armata tank was destroyed during the operation.

According to Russian media agency Репорт theр (reporter), Russian-made tanks involved Syrian-insurgents who were described as "terrorists" in the province of Latakia, where "three T-14s were dragged to the TOW-2B". Killed by the anti-tank system and an armature completely destroyed. "

No actual footage or photographs of the destroyed T-14 tanks have been found, and as other media outlets have noted, "Jihadi and their allies are releasing footage of their forces destroying a terrorist tank, especially on the battlefield ... Armata is actually destroyed, with photos and videos of its destruction. Especially because of its unique form and operational capabilities. ”

Some military analysts did not think the tank would be adequately tested in Syria. Dmitry Litovkin, editor-in-chief of the Independent Military Review, told Russia Beyond, "Armata has nothing to do with Syria. "Machine Gunners?"

If the T-14 Armata were actually fired by the rebels - whether they were just "lucky" - the advanced tank might not be of much use, especially considering its costs, which would have delayed delivery. Happened. Massive deliveries for the Russian military will only begin next year, although testing of the next generation of major battle tanks (MBTs) continues.

“There is also a high cost, because additional tests and upgrades are being ordered by the Defense Ministry to begin serial production next year under the contract signed by T-14,” Manturov said.

The T-14 was seen as an entirely new design for Russia and was showcased during the Victory Parade in Moscow in May 2015. Unlike other Russian designs, which mainly followed the evolutionary path built on the predecessor tank model, the T-14 began with a more simplistic design, the T-34. Ken. Larger than traditional Russian tank designs, all three of its crew members sit in the hull and the turret is remotely controlled to maximize the crew's survival. As a result, the T-90 does not have a gunner and instead uses an autoloader.

The tank is equipped with an Afghanite active defense system to detect incoming rockets and missiles, which can be fired before the tank strikes. However, reports from Syria indicate that the tank is somehow vulnerable if an enemy can get close enough.

Along with allegations of the loss of a T-14 tank in Syria, three "additional" Armata tanks - along with three more T-15s, the Armada's armored detachment carrier version - were "destroyed" in a simulation carried out by Invites. Attack on a helicopter at a recent practice-style show.

Along with the timing of the release of that new video, there is also news that the original tanks were extinguished, which means the T-14 week is no good! The fact that Moscow postponed this week's 75th Anniversary Victory Parade due to coronaviruses - where tanks are likely to be - didn't help matters.

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