New Zealand's order loses mid-election polls amid epidemic war

New Zealand's health minister resigned shortly after officials were removed from the country for failing to function in the security facilities of the coronavirus.

Farewell to David Clark, who has already been criticized in his first year for personally violating stringent lockdown terms, comes as the head of New Zealand's September general election.

Clarke criticized his family for riding a mountain bike on a beach trip, saying, "It is clear to me that my continued involvement in this role is far from a response to COVID-19 and the global pandemic." Still working. "Track said.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who previously refused to dismiss Clark, said she had agreed with the decision, citing the country's key role in responding to the epidemic.

After three years as the youngest female leader in the world, Aderon is gaining popularity, hailed for responding mercilessly to the Christchurch shooting last year and for handling the coronavirus crisis swiftly.

But the mistake made by his ministers has attracted opposition claims, including the lack of talent in his cabinet, which he accused of harming even before the September election.

Ardern's popularity hit the sky at the beginning of the epidemic, as he spread decisive action into one of the world's critical lockdowns. Opinion polls released last week show that the conservative National Party has been successful in regulating Labour's leadership.

National Party leader Todd Mueller said, "He doesn't believe in anyone else to drop the ball."

Grant Duncan, associate professor of politics at Massey University in Auckland, said the opposition was given the opportunity to "talk about government failure and the inability to speak." He said Clark's resignation would help mitigate that rhetoric.

Ardern announced that New Zealand had canceled the coronavirus in early June, though warned that there would be new cases, as social outreach was removed.

A few days later, it was found that two women from the UK were allowed to leave the detention center for compassionate reasons, and then tested positive for the virus.

There are no cases of community transmission in the country, but there are 18 active cases on the border, with the return to New Zealand.

The order has appointed Education Minister Chris Hipkins as interim health minister until the September election. This is the second time in 18 months that Ardan has replaced his cabinet minister as the government's main public housing project has failed.

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