North Macedonia police search for 55 immigrants in truck and car

Police in northern Macedonia says they have found 55 immigrants in two separate incidents.

An immigrant was injured when a truck was carrying him and 42 others.

Both incidents took place on Friday, police announced Saturday, and all immigrants will be deported back to Greece from where they arrived.

The truck, carrying 43 migrants - 13 from Bangladesh, 11 from Pakistan, 10 from Syria, 5 from Afghanistan, and 4 from Turkey - was traveling north to Serbia when it crashed at a toll booth near the Skopje capital. The driver fled from there and was still large.

Also on Friday, a car carrying 12 Syrian migrants was found near the Greek border. Police have arrested a 35-year-old Serb driver.

Although the land border between Greece and northern Macedonia has been closed due to the coronavirus epidemic, "necessary" travel is still permitted. Smuggling networks are active in the region, with immigrants trying to make their way to Central and Northern Europe.

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