‘Not built on earth’: Secret Pentagon UFO Task Force hopes to find

‘Not built on earth’: Secret Pentagon UFO Task Force hopes to find some innovation 

‘Not built on earth’: Secret Pentagon UFO Task Force hopes to find

WASHINGTON: A secret Pentagon program has been conducting classified briefings for more than a decade, analyzing various conflicts between the military and the hull and unknown aircraft, according to a recent report in the New York Times.

According to the Times, the Pentagon announced the cancellation of the program, but a Senate committee report last month revealed that the program was being led by an anonymous Air Task Force.

In late June, the U.S. It is learned that Senator Marco Rubio has asked for a comprehensive analysis of the results of the task force.

The report justifies the Task Force's efforts to gather and validate information on "unknown celestial phenomenon, relations with foreign governments and potential threats".

Now, the New York Times reports, the Secret Task Force hopes to make new and frightening discoveries involving vehicles made from objects rather than from this planet. Eric W., astronomer and former consultant to the UFO program since 2007. Speaking to the Davis Times‌ in early March, the Department of Defense gave the agency a classified briefing about global vehicles not built for this world. Over the years, the federal government has released footage of military encounters with unknown celestial phenomena.

In April, the Pentagon classified videos showing saucer objects in 2004 and 2015.

"DOD videos will be released to dispel public misconceptions about whether the footage is real or not," the agency said in a statement. "Astronomical objects seen in videos are described as 'unknown'."

The U.S. Navy acknowledged in September that three UFO videos released by former Blink-182 singer Tom DeLong and published by the New York Times were real "unknown" objects.
"The Navy thinks the phenomenon in these three videos is unknown," Navy spokesman Joseph Gradisher told The Black Vault.

Suspicious videos "FLIR1," "Gimball" and "Gofast" were released to the New York Times and the Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences (TTSA). Fox News reported in December 2017 that former Pentagon Nevada Sen had set up a secret program to investigate UFOs at the request of Harry Reid.
The first video of the unidentified object was taken with an F-18 gun camera on November 14, 2004. 

The second video was taken on January 21, 2015, with the pilots commenting on how strange another spaceship was. The third video was taken on January 21, 2015, but it is not clear whether the third video is the same material or another video.

In May 2019, the Pentagon agreed that it was still examining UFO reports or "unknown celestial phenomena." A former UK defense official called the New York Post a "bomb revelation".
The secret government initiative, the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, "carried out research and investigation into unknown celestial phenomena," a Defense Ministry spokesman told the Post.

Although the DOD said the ATP was shut down in 2012, spokesman Christopher Sherwood agreed that he was investigating the sighting of the alien spacecraft.

"This unit will continue to report on unidentified aircraft encountered by U.S. military airlines through routine procedures to ensure the defense of the motherland and to protect our country's rivals from strategic surprise."

This report was contributed by Fox News. This story was reported from Los Angeles.

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