Pakistani Prime Minister Khan has called for "simplicity" in slowing down the virus

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday said Pakistanis should celebrate the upcoming Eid festival "with simplicity" to prevent the rise of new coronavirus cases.

At the end of Ramadan in May - many people who helped bring about a further rise in COVID-19 cases in Pakistan ignore socio-religious guidelines and roam the mosques and markets.

This increase has prompted the World Health Organization to introduce a new lockout in Pakistan.

Khan tweeted, “Eid ul Azan should be celebrated simply without repeating what happened last Eid.

The Eid festival of animal sacrifice begins at the end of the month and lasts for several days. Authorities expect people to go to markets to kill sheep, goats, and other animals.

Many people in Pakistan return to their family homes from the cities to celebrate this festival.

According to official figures, about 260,000 people in Pakistan have been tested positive for the coronavirus, of which more than 5,470 have died.

In recent times, the rate of new infections in Pakistan has been significantly reduced.

While some medical experts say it was due to a lack of testing, Khan said the "positive trend" is mainly hot spots being closed as a result of "smart" lockdowns.

Khan, a cricketer-turned-politician, has criticized the virus crisis as widespread, nationwide opposition to lockouts and largely leaving regional governments to impose sanctions.

He argued that weak Pakistan could not withstand the bandhs widely seen in other countries.

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