Premier League 2019-20: Everyone enters last week to play Champions League races and representative battles

Premier League 2019-20:

With only two games left for all clubs in the Premier League, in addition to the qualifying race for the Champions League and Europa League, there is also a battle to avoid landing the wire.

With the Premier League season entering its final week, there is still a lot to play on either side of the table.

As two games prepare for all clubs to address the remaining issues of the campaign, here is a closer look at the Champions League and Europa League qualifying race, as well as the fight to avoid charges:

The first four fights
Chelsea and Leicester City have four respectable top berths, while champions Liverpool and Manchester City are in second place.

But the duo could easily break their grip on those places in next season's Champions League final in the Manchester United nerve-jingle final.

Third-placed Chelsea is one point ahead of both Leicester and United, who are fifth and behind Fox on goal difference.

On Sunday, Leicester face a tough trip to Tottenham, while on Wednesday United hosts West Ham and Chelsea traveled to Liverpool.

After those games, the first four places moved heavily before the final round matches on July 26.

Chelsea need four points from their last two games and will play from the Wolverhampton Wanderers at Stamford Bridge on the final day.

Leicester and United meet in a decisive performance at King Power Stadium, which means that if one of those teams wins the last two games, they are guaranteed to return to elite club competition in Europe.

The United team, Chelsea and Leicester have both recently shown signs of weakness after winning five of their seven league games since the restart.

Europa League race
Fifth- and sixth-placed teams will qualify for next season's Europa League, with neither side winning either the Champions League or Europa League - United and the Wolves competing in the next round - and they will start again next month.

Winning those tournaments qualifies for the Champions League.

If the FA Cup winner stays in the top six, he will qualify for seventh place in the Europa League Premier League.

If they win the last two matches against Crystal Palace and Chelsea, sixth-placed Volvo will qualify for the Europa League.

Winning the last two games against Tottenham, Leicester and Palace, with one point behind the Wolves, guarantees a place at least seventh.

Sheffield United, who face Everton and Southampton, are one point behind eighth-placed Tottenham and need to drop Jose Mourinho's men or wolves.

Letter of relations
Norwich have already been eliminated, with two places to be replaced by unbeaten teams next week.

West Ham and Brighton were effectively secured after clearing six points of charged territory and scraping Watford, Bournemouth and Aston villas for survival.

Bournemouth are three points behind Watford from third-down and if they beat Southampton on Deans Court on Sunday, they could take the Hornets by three points on goal difference.

Watford left Manchester City on Vicarage Road on Tuesday and left Villa host Arsenal shortly thereafter.

If they beat Watford City or take a point, Bournemouth or Villa will be re-established if the Hornets do not match the result.

On the final day, West Ham will move to Villa, with Bournemouth and Watford Arsenal visiting at Everton.

After going six games without a win after the coronavirus heats, Villa had hoped for four points in their last two matches, although a late win in Thursday's match at Everton was a big setback.

Bournemouth's win over Leicester on 12 July was their first of 10 matches, but their defeat at City put them in trouble.

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