President Buhari makes 12 appointments to correct the imbalance (see list).

President Muhammadu Buhari has renewed the appointments of 12 non-career ambassadors.

In a statement on Thursday, July 2, Presidential Spokesperson Femi Adesina said the appointments were made in the wake of recent complaints that the appointment of 41 non-carrier ambassadors did not invade some states.

Adesina said it has renewed the recruitment of 12 non-career ambassadors based on performance evaluation.

The president said he would still decide whether to continue in his current position.

Renewed Ambassadors:

1. Mrs. Uzoma e. Emenike (Abia)

2. Joseph M. Thugger (Bauchi)

3. Muhammad B. Madugu (Bauchi)

4. Amb. Baba Ahmed Jid (Borno)

5. Yug o. Ogopogo (Edo)

6. Dr. Iniola Ajayi (Ekiti)

7. Deborah S. Ilia (Kaduna)

8. Mohamed D. Remy (Katsina)

9. Professor Tizani Muhammad-Bade (KBB)

10. Dr. Madup e. Michelle (Lagos)

11. Adinkra Ascun (Ogun)

12. Sen Goni Modu Janna Bura (Yobe)

Meanwhile, President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the indefinite suspension of the Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) Managing Director / Chief Executive Adebayo Tofu.

The Nation reports that the President has approved the suspension of the agency's four directors.

They are the Executive Director, Finance and Investment, Operations Executive Director Jasper Ikedi Azutlum, Olukami Nelson and Executive Director, Administration, Alhaji Tizani Darzo Sulaiman, Legit.N.

His suspension was announced by Deputy Director of Press and Public Relations Charles Akpan in a statement released on Thursday, July 2, in Abuja.

In another report, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) and the federal statistician asked for more light on the data and shed the national school feeding program.

The federal government, led by President Muhammadu Buhari, launched the Daily Trust Report shortly afterward on the plan.

The investigation was conducted by the Public Representatives Committee on Wednesday, July 1.

The committee, chaired by Volley Oke, calls on NBS to provide a prime number of students and other beneficiaries of the feeding scheme, alleging that the data used for the initiative was irreparable.

With this in mind, the school has asked food vendors for a school feeding program to protect students' lives as evidence of compliance with the Certification PF and the Public Procurement Act.

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