President of Serbia to fulfill his dreams

Serbian President

Serbian President Alexander Music has joined a sports college to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a basketball coach.

"For the second time in my life I became a student ... with the desire to be a basketball coach for kids," Vusik said on Instagram on Saturday.

"You can't believe how happy I am that many years later I started realizing my childhood dreams."

Musik, 50, a law graduate, posed with a student ID book and a small basketball from the Belgrade-based College of Sports and Health.

In June, the pro-government tabloid basketball-madman said he had an unfulfilled desire to become a basketball coach in Serbia.

“There’s nothing better than spending Saturday and Sunday with young players, kids you can teach anything,” Kurir‌ said daily.

When asked if he had big ambitions, he said it was his dream to train kids from "small clubs".

Wusik is a fan of both basketball and football.

He became prime minister in 2014 and took over the presidency in 2017.

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