Promoted Leeds Clinic Championship title

Leeds United won the championship title without kicking the ball on Saturday after Brentford lost 1-0 at Stokes.

Leeds celebrated their promotion to the Premier League when they beat West-Brom 2-1 at Huddersfield on Friday evening.

Within 24 hours, the champagne bounced back at the Corks Yorkshire club, with Leeds emerging champions after securing third-place defeat to Brentford.

Bielsa, who face Derby on Sunday, have two games left and a five-point lead over West Brom.

Brentford's defeat to Lee Gregory's first-half goal for Stoke means he returned West Brom in the race to reach Leeds in the Premier League.

The first two places will automatically advance to the championship and West Brom will be promoted one point ahead of Brentford if they win their last game against QPR on Wednesday, or lose their last match against Beans Barnsley.

After 16 years of absence, Leeds is back on the third plane, hosting spell, traumatic administration, fierce bosses, and 14 failed managers in the third tier.

Former Lazio and Marseille boss Bilasa finally woke up to one of the sleeping giants of English football and regularly had over 35,000 spectators on Eland Road.

As thousands of fans cheered in the streets outside their stadium on Friday, Leeds Italian boss Andrea Redrizani was also remembered for missing the club in recent weeks.

Recently Norman Hunter and Jack Charlton died at the end of the lockdown, while Trevor Cherry died in midway.

The trio combined with 1,985 performances for the legendary Leeds, the club from the Don River era in the 1960s and 1970s.

- 'Great Heritage' -

Last October, celebrating the club's centenary, Hunter wrote a letter to Rodriguez expressing his desire to promote the club throughout his life.

He wrote in a letter on the Leeds website, "A word about Norman Hunter and Jack Charlton, who we lost recently and who will celebrate this feast with us."

"They are part of a great legacy. We will work with dignity because we are going into a new cycle for this unique club."

In 2017 Radarini took over Leeds' sole control, which was originally purchased from the unpopular Massimo Seleno.

A false start under Thomas Christiansen and later under Paul Hexingbottom, he and football director Victor Orta Bielsa were made their next manager.

Argentina turned the mid-table team into champions in just two seasons.

"I am very happy for everyone in the Leeds joint family and we all deserve this promotion," Radarijani said.

"Leeds United is one of the greatest and most supportive clubs in England, with a rich history around the world.

"I'm not on the top flight for 16 years and I'm back in the Premier League, I'm surprised for the whole club and our amazing fans ...

"Since my journey with Leeds United began in the summer of 2017, we have been trying for this moment and it's time for all of us to celebrate the club we're coming back to."

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