Putin examines the US embassy to hoist the rainbow flag

Putin examines the US embassy to hoist the rainbow flag

Moscow President Vladimir Putin on Friday mocked the US embassy in Moscow for hoisting an iridescent flag to celebrate LGBT rights, suggesting that it reflects the sexual orientation of its employees.

His remarks followed a nationwide vote on constitutional reform, including an amendment that would define the definition of marriage, particularly between man and woman.

Putin said the US embassy's move to raise the LGBT pride flag "has revealed a little bit about the people who work there."

"This is a big issue. We have talked about it many times, and our position is clear," Putin said, urging Russia to distance itself from liberal Western values ​​and align with the Russian Orthodox Church

"Yes, we have passed legislation that prohibits the promotion of homosexuality in minors. So what? Allow people to grow up, become adults, and decide their fate."

The law was used to stop the gay pride march and detain gay rights activists.

During the campaign to change the constitution, Putin's traditional notion of mother and father was called "parent number 1" and "parent number 2".

On Friday, Russian women's union chief Ekaterina Lakhova told Putin that the 'rainbow' brand-name ice cream, as well as other multi-colored advertising, would promote non-traditional values ​​and harmful effects on children.

"Even indirectly, these kinds of things make our children addicted to it ... slave and flag," Lakhova said.

“It is great that the values ​​enshrined in our constitution are justified,” he said.

Other countries have also flown iridescent flags outside their embassies, including Britain in Moscow.

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