Ruto's friends said the BBI report was in principle

  • DP aides said the delay was part of a consensus construction plan between Uhuru and Raila.

  • However, Ruto said the men were in support of the BBI, which launched in Bomas last December.

Auxiliary Vice President William Ruto said the Building Bridge Initiative report was being secretly proven after President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga "disagreed" on key issues.

DP’s loyalists spoke out as concerns continued that there was a delay in handing over the BBB report, three weeks after the task force confirmed it had completed its work.

On Tuesday, Ruto's real spokesman for political issues, Soya MP Caleb Kosoyani, told the Star that the report was "cooked up" to trade the political interests of "employers".

"We will knock down a monster that was cooked in the name of the BBI report," Kosoyani said.

However, the MP openly said that the DP camp would support the original BBI document, which was launched in Bomas, Kenya last December.

The report proposes a working president with a prime minister appointed by the head of state from a majority party in parliament.

"We have no problem with the BBI One report," Kotani said.

"BBI owners have to disagree on a few things and so they took the time and hid to the doctor behind the Covid-19 epidemic."

But John Mbody, a minority leader in the National Assembly, said the BBI report was being ignored. Rala said the delay was the unintended result.

"I am sure the President will receive the report together with Raila. Rala is still closed for a few days. I am sure they will release the report soon," the ODM chairman said.

Raila recently underwent minor surgery to cure her hip in Dubai and was admitted to her Nairobi home.

The task force has set a deadline of June 30, but the timeline has not been set and the MBD will submit its report to the principals.

"There is no timeline for handing over the report," he said.

The Joint Kenya Task Force Report, formally known as the Steering Committee on Building Bridge Implementation, opposed its work on June 30.

On Tuesday, the BBI declined to comment with Joint Secretary Martin Kimani on the matter, saying "I do not want to talk to the press."

Another BBI official told Star on Monday that the panel would release a statement on Tuesday on the status of the report.

According to another prominent Ruto friend, Kimili MP Didymus Barsa, a report submitted outside the Gazetted Legal Timeline is "null and void".

"Ideally if they report today, it's unconstitutional and you can not change the constitution using an unconstitutional document."

The politician said the delay confirmed his fears that the BBI process was just a platform to allow Ruto's opponents to fight him.

"They hid behind the BBI to strengthen their support across the country. Now that we have Kovid-19, the target is no more," Barsa said.

The DP camp is running hot and cold in support of the BBI report.

He defended it at some point to prevent a confrontational campaign against those who wanted to project DP contrary to the document.

On Tuesday, nominated MP Godfrey Osotsi said the report could only be submitted in the presence of Rala.

"The BBI report cannot be submitted to Uhuru alone. It has to be submitted to two principals. The report will have to wait until the Rila is ready to accept it, ”he said.

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