Sir Elton John's ex-wife filed the case

Sir Elton John's ex-wife filed the case

Sir Elton John was sued by his ex-wife for 3 million.

Alton had an affair with German sound engineer Ronnet Blair at the age of 73 in Sydney, Australia in 1984 and became a homosexual after a divorce in 1988, and Renat, 67, sued Now Alton after writing his autobiography about his marriage.

According to The Sun's bizarre column, Renat filed documents in the High Court in London alleging that Elton's comments in the book about him violating the terms of the agreement made after the breakup and giving him chronic mental health problems.

One source said: "Elton was shocked and hurt by Renat's claim, especially when he was only publicly praised.

“He has always had a very happy relationship with Renata, respects her a lot, and has never said anything about her marriage.

"He was very hopeful that he would show understanding and leave this matter."

Court documents state that Elton agreed to remove certain summaries before publishing 'Your' book in October last year.

Elton left to marry David Furnish in December 2014, nine years after their civil partnership ceremony, and the couple has two sons, but regrets that they "regretted" Renee.

He said earlier: "Many years ago, I chose Australia as a wonderful woman who had so much love and admiration for my marriage. I wanted to be a good husband by any means, but I refused. The reason for who I really was. My wife is sad, And I felt so much guilt and remorse.

"If you want to deserve someone's love, you have to be brave and clear enough eyes to be honest with yourself and your partner."

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