Take the fight to the door of the bandits, accusing the Barati soldiers

Chief of Army Staff Lieutenant General Tukur Barati alleges that the armed forces at Zamfara go deep into the bushes where the armed forces are hiding.

On Tuesday, Turkur Burtai, Zamfara State's Sector 2 Forward Operation Base, was in charge of an operational visit to soldiers in Zurmi.

He said the disproportionate nature of the war against bandits in the region, and the need to work hard to determine the whereabouts of the accused.

Britain urged the soldiers to focus on carrying out their constitutional duties, and their efforts were forced to vandalism.

He promised the soldiers better tools to campaign against criminals.

According to him, more and more equipment has been purchased and deployed in line with President Muhammadu Buhari's promise to increase the military's combat capabilities.

"You have to be focused and make sure you don't get distracted because you are trying to jeopardize the internal and external security of this country

"You have to go inside the bush and chase them until they are strategically defeated because that's what we have to defeat them," he said.

Baratayi praised the soldiers for their patriotism and commitment to protecting the territorial integrity of the country.

He then traveled to Zurmi Palace, Alhaji Abubakar Mohammed, where he promised a renewed commitment by the armed forces to end security challenges.

Amir praised the army's efforts to address security challenges in the state of Zamfara and pledged to support the army to succeed in stopping it.

Also, at the Emir Palace of Kaur-Nanda, Burtai assured that the Nigerian army was fully committed to ending the insecurity threat in the state.

Responding, Amir praised the military and other security agencies for trying to address security challenges.

Muhammad also praised Buhari for the state's preference for it and convinced farmers to move to their farms now.

Aamir, a former military officer, promised to deploy his security experience to support the military and other security agencies in order to curb bandit operations in the state.

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