The Navy has expanded surveillance operations in the North Sea

According to the Northern Naval Command, the Sri Lankan Navy has been expanding surveillance operations in the northern seas between India and Sri Lanka since July 15 and is investigating suspicious vessels in the area.

The Navy made the decision as to the number of Sri Lankan Tamil refugees living in India and the number of Indian smugglers fleeing Sri Lanka increased due to the rapid spread of coronavirus in India.

The Navy and the STF have recently launched a drug racket in Jaffna along with Indian nationals suspected of drug trafficking and COVID-19 infection. The investigation revealed that a large number of people were ready to flee from India to Sri Lanka by boat.

It is believed that a group of Indian fishermen are being towed by boat to smuggle these people into Sri Lanka and are quoting between 3000 and 4000 Indian rupees to transport a family.

Following the revelation of this information, the Sri Lankan Navy expanded surveillance operations in the North Seas to prevent such illegal entry.

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