The Rental Short, directed by Dave Rental, presents Sharp House Horror: Review

The Rental Short, directed by Dave Rental, presents Sharp House Horror: Review

We’ve all heard stories: Uber drivers from hell, AirBnB guests who haven’t taken a vacation. However, rental may be the first dedicated horror film of the sharing economy: neat, with very little thrilling.

It's unthinkable when startup CEO Charlie (Dan Stevens of Legion) spends the weekend with his wife Michelle (glow star Alison Rory) at a beautiful beach house on the Oregon Coast Blythe books. Fellow Meena (Snowpiere's Sheila Wand), and her boyfriend Josh (Jeremy Allen White), also Charlie's brother.

Charlie and Mina have the idea to celebrate the seed funding of the tech company, but the cracks start to show up as soon as they get into their BMW SUV: Josh brings his little French bulldog despite the rule that there are no pets. Why did the landlord accept Charlie's request for a booking, but Mina - her last name is Mohammed or not?

He decides to confront the caretaker - a Marseilles borough man named Taylor (Toby Huss) - when they meet; Taylor brushes her straightforward questions, but there is something strange in her reception‌, a friendship that is aggressive with passive aggression.

It is also clear that Meena and Josh are an unmatched pair; He is a brilliant, socially progressive tech entrepreneur, he looks great in a denim jumpsuit, a college dropout, and a part-time lift driver, with a record to go back to his brother days.

A controversy over whether or not to bring MDMA reveals another feud: the sexual tension between Charlie and Meena; Bree's brittle growing Bristol-Girl status, often Michelle Michelle; Maybe no one cares about that poor dog. By the end of the first night, more than one of them had problems; From the start of the second, he had big problems.

Dave Franco's first film-feature film with actor-director-director Breaches' with his brother James Franco, and he never misbehaves: the characters speak in the choke of revelation and the engine of the story first turns, fits into life and begins.

There are a lot of scripts by Franco and Indy Stalwart Joe Swanberg (Drinking Friends, Netflix Easy), which is one of the best moves of the movie, even though these two pairs sit the audience down, they actually become people, meat bags intended for terror. His bourgeois-millennial influences - Molly! Seed funds! SUV! - Some spectators happily root for Boogieman; Others are too busy canceling their weekends to take care of themselves. B +

Fares will be available on July 24 at select drive-ins, theaters and on demand.

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