The son of an Israeli leader is the center of corruption charges

The son of an Israeli leader is the center of corruption charges

JERUSALEM ( Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is on trial for corruption, and his 28-year-old son has become a driving force in retaliation for critics and state agencies against the longtime Israeli leader. Inquiry

The prime minister's nationalist base and Yar Netanyahu, a favorite of right-wing leaders around the world, has been a fixture in news outlets, clashes with journalists on social media, threats of lawsuits against his father's supporters and online posting.

Last month, he called for the deportation of minorities from Tel Aviv, tweeting a conspiracy theory that former President Barack Obama was born in Kenya and that a prominent Israeli broadcast journalist intended to oust him.

But his hardest broadside on the Israeli media, the judiciary, and law enforcement is indicated by the left's ideological crusade to overthrow his father. He called on the Attorney General to investigate his "crimes", compared the police chief to the fictional mob boss Tony Soprano, and called investigators Stacey, the Gestapo, and the "Israeli public political policeman."

His father is part of a somewhat echoing campaign that critics are losing public confidence in Israel's democratic institutions.

"We would like to ignore him with curiosity because this difficult child is embarrassing his father. But the truth is that he is very effective," said well-respected investigative TV reporter and Netanyahu favorite Ravi Drucker, whose father and son were recently jailed. Tweeted as desired "He is in a very serious condition and this will affect the actions of the Prime Minister," he said.

Although he has no formal position, Yair Netanyahu is considered an important mentor and mastermind of his father's growing conflict social media strategy.

Netanyahu faces charges of fraud, breach of trust and bribery in corruption cases involving wealthy friends. He denies the allegations, which follow several scandals around the family.

For years, his wife Sarah, his extraordinary hobby, misuse of state funds and indecent treatment of his employees caused the fire. But recently, his eldest son has taken center stage. He gained prominence in various frauds, earning a reputation for living a remarkable life at the expense of taxpayers.

Australian billionaire James Packer, one of the prime minister's corrupt prosecutors, has reportedly made small Netanyahu gifts, including luxury hotels in Tel Aviv, New York, and Aspen, Colorado, as well as his private jet and dozens of luxury hotels. Tickets for concerts by Packer's ex-fiance మరి Maria Carey. A former Netanyahu colleague who turned himself in as a state witness, he told police that Netanyahu was a prime example of a bribery case against his father.

Yair Netanyahu has targeted his father's critics, posting caricatures, vilifying a woman who asked him to take her after a dog in a park, and tweeted that she hoped elderly left-wing protesters would die from COVID. -19.

The prime minister is forced to condemn his son's behavior as being particularly attractive for a strip club with wealthy friends. But usually, he saves his son.

Ansal Pfeiffer, a columnist and recent prime minister biographer for Hazel Daily, says Yar Netanyahu allows his father to test the limits of public acceptance.

"If he goes too far, they only call it man," he said. "It brings him notoriety, creates a gray area, and obscures what the prime minister says on the record."

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