The US peace envoy wants to start negotiations to end the Afghan war

Afghanistan's Taliban and Kabul politicians are close to launching talks to determine the post-war Afghanistan face, a Washington peace spokesman told Pakistani officials, according to a statement released Thursday, with the Taliban in February. Signing a contract is an important step. By the US Embassy in Islamabad.

Zalmay Khalilzad has paved the way for Afghan talks in the region, hoping to open later this month. The date has not been determined, but Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said late on Wednesday that the first round would take place in Doha, where the Taliban would retain political office.

The deal calls for the Afghan government to free 5,000 Taliban and release 1,000 government personnel to the rebels, with both sides still needing to release the remaining prisoners. So far, the government has rescued 3,500 people and 700 Taliban.

"How close the two sides are to launching the Afghan talks, and the importance of addressing the remaining issues quickly, will bring peace to regional stability and development," Ambassador Khalilzad said. That is, ”the statement from the embassy described the Army chief and his meetings in Pakistan as foreign minister.

Earlier this week, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke to Taliban chief negotiator Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar. In a video call on Monday, Pompeii made clear that the Taliban's hope was to live up to its commitments, rather than attack the US government.

Khalilzad's latest jungle in the region came as the White House was embroiled in a dispute over whether Russia should pay Taliban-linked terrorists or drug dealers to kill American and NATO troops in Afghanistan.

US President Donald Trump has denied being aware of the mysterious bounce. Russia has called the allegations nonsense, and the Taliban says it does not need financial incentives from foreign intelligence agencies to wage war against American and NATO forces.

The New York Times first reported the bounty, which was confirmed by the Associated Press. US intelligence officials also called the insider attack that killed three US soldiers in early 2019, particularly in the April and April 2019 attacks, as well as Afghan National Army forces killing their commissioned American allies. Them.

Khalilzad was appointed in September 2018 to initiate direct peace talks with the Taliban, though both the US and the Taliban are embroiled in war by 2019, as both sides want to improve their negotiating positions with military success. The killing of a US soldier in the September 2019 Taliban attack in the capital, Kabul, prompted President Trump to declare peace talks with the Taliban.

They reopened in December and reached a deal in Doha on February 29th. At the time, the agreement was the best chance for peace in Afghanistan in decades of war.

Under the agreement, the Taliban is committed to fighting terrorist groups, does not support terrorist groups, and ensures that Afghanistan will not be used to attack the US or its allies.

The Taliban said they would not attack American and NATO forces but would continue their fight against Afghan national security forces. One of the first issues on the agenda of the inter-Afghan dialogue is the permanent ceasefire.

Taliban political spokesman Suhail Shaheen, however, said negotiations would not begin until the 5,000 Taliban listed in the agreement were freed. However, President Ghani said on Wednesday that the government will announce a final list of Taliban on Sunday, which will be released, suggesting that some will not be freed and will replace other prisoners.

The Taliban said there would be no exemption for names on their list, and that the U.S. would not allow the talks to take place.

Due to the dangers of the Khalilzad pandemic, Khalilzad will be videoconferencing with Afghan leaders instead of going to Kabul. More than 32,000 infections have been reported in Afghanistan, but the actual number is much higher.

Khalilzad in Uzbekistan also had to go to Doha, where he would meet with Taliban negotiators.

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