Tik ​​Tok is headquartered in London and other locations

tik tok is headquartered

Tiktok has been in talks with the UK government for the past few months to locate its headquarters in London, a source familiar with the matter, as part of a strategy to distance itself from its Chinese ownership.

Sources said London was one of several places the company was looking into, but no decision had been made.

It was not immediately clear what other places were under consideration. But this year Tikotok has been aggressively appointed chief executive in California, including former Walt Disney co-executive Kevin Meyer. He was in the United States.

It is suspected that China is forcing the company to retrieve user data. Tic Tac Toe is owned by Bytdance of China.

Sources said the company has been focusing more on its problems in the US over the past few weeks but has not ruled out London as a potential location for its new headquarters. Sources said Tiktuk expects a "significant" increase in its employees in London and other key locations outside China in the coming years.

Ticktock has withdrawn from talks with the UK government to open global headquarters in the UK, the Sunday Times reported.

Sources said Tiketak is in talks with the UK government.

TickTalk declined to comment.

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