Tik tok user goes viral when he meets Taylor Swift: 'I had to double work seriously'

Tik tok user goes viral when he meets Taylor Swift: 'I had to double work seriously'

TikTok user Taylor is going viral due to his unconscious comparison with Swift.

This week, Ashley, who lives in Nashville, Tennessee, and goes by the username @tramarn13, shared on stage a video showing the exciting reactions she receives from fans every time she finds Popstar.

In the clip, her title: "True Story!" Blank Space Singer's Doppelgగర్nger describes a variety of scenes, including her mistake for Swift, target trips, going on a night trip with her husband, and going to the mall.

According to Ashley, she was "Taylor I Love You!" "Do I have a photo?" And "OMG Taylor!" Each time she leaves her home in Nashville, Swift's hometown.

"I wear scrubs all day and want to look beautiful ...", a Tic Tac Toe user who wore her hair in a blonde bob like Swift, explained in the clip that her pajamas and hoodie were not "showing off" publicly before the video was shown. "

The video, which has been viewed over 1.4 meters since then, has provoked hundreds of comments from users who consider Ashley to be Swift.

One person commented, "I thought Taylor Swift was on the ticket."

Another said: "So you're telling me you're not Taylor Swift. Wild."

In a follow-up video, Ashley referred to the reaction he received, saying "I appreciate all the love" and "kind words" to his followers.

Ashley claimed that the original video was made "ridiculously", but that "a lot of people took it a little too seriously", that she mistakenly thought it was Swift "because I remember before" and that Tiktok decided to refer him to his friends.

"True story," he said. "I went to Nashville, I can already remember myself nicknamed Taylor Swift. This video came from my old, old middle school, and high school friends, so I thought it would be fun to do."

"I do not know if it will disperse, but it's good. I do not really care, so take it with a grain of salt."

"But I appreciate love, and I love you so much," she concluded.

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