Trump is testing the US Covid-19 again as cases rise to a record high

President Donald Trump hailed the coronavirus trial of the United States as the nation's COVID-19 cases rose to more than 55,000 on Thursday, a new daily record for the epidemic.

The rise of coronavirus cases over the past week has helped Trump deal with the crisis on the microscope, and many governors have thwarted plans to reopen their states following a tough lockdown.

In a tweet late on Thursday, coronavirus cases were raised saying, "Our trial is so big and so good, so much bigger and better than any other country."

"This is great news, but what's even better is that deaths and deaths are down," he said.

By Thursday's end, the number of daily US cases was 55,274, breaking the previous one-day record of 54,771 set by Brazil on June 19.

In a wave of new cases, many governors have stalled or withdrawn plans for the reopening of their states in the wake of Independence Day weekend, shutting down beaches and canceling fireworks.

The United States has now recorded about 129,000 deaths from the outbreak, which is almost a quarter of the world.

According to Reuters, more than 10.89 million people worldwide are infected with the novel coronavirus and 520,066 people died. The United States alone recorded approximately 2.76 million cases.

Infections have been reported in more than 210 countries and territories since the first cases were detected in China late last year.

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