Two years after the bomb plot failed, Iranian opposition rallies online supporters

An exiled Iranian opposition group targeting an unsuccessful bomb plot in France two years ago took to the Internet on Friday for its annual rally, which sought to put pressure on the Tehran government despite a coronavirus outbreak.

The Iran-based National Resistance Council (NCRI), the umbrella of opposition groups in exile looking to end the rule of Shia Muslim clerics in Iran, has traditionally held a massive meeting every year on the outskirts of the French capital.

The NCRI was the first group to expose Iran's secret nuclear program in 2002, leading to highly effective opposition action.

Analysts say there is a lot of support for it in Iran, but it is very difficult to support it. Its criminals question the nature of the support it attends at its meetings, which usually attracts thousands of people, and the impulses of its speaker list include former politicians and legislators.

Eighteen seated U.S. senators, who spoke Friday as U.S. President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, has repeatedly backed the group.

The spread of COVID-19 forced the NCRI to virtualize the rally. The event has been connected to 30,000 locations in Iran and 100 countries around the world.

The goal of our generation is to overthrow the criminal regime of the Mullahs and bring back the rights of all the people of Iran, "said group leader Mariam Rajavi.

The online rally comes three days after an Iranian diplomat and three others were ordered to investigate their role in the failed conspiracy to bomb an NCRI meeting near Paris in 2018.

NCRI members joined the 1979 Islamic Revolution but later split from the ruling clergy. On an Iraqi basis in the early 1980s, their fighters clashed with U.S. forces in the 2003 Iraq war but abandoned the violence.

The group was listed as a terrorist organization by the United States and the European Union, but no longer exists.

Tehran has long attacked the NCRI in Paris, Riyadh, and Washington. The group is regularly criticized in the state media.

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