'Ugly Face': American and Chinese trade in Myanmar as a rift in the South China Sea

Ugly Face': American and Chinese trade

The Chinese embassy in Myanmar on Sunday accused the United States of "humiliatingly destroying" the country and running a rift with Southeast Asian neighbors in the South China Sea and Hong Kong because of superpowers. The tension between increases.

Responding to the U.S. claims that Beijing is undermining the sovereignty of its neighbors, the Chinese embassy said that American agencies abroad are doing "disgusting acts" to keep China and are "selfish, hypocritical, contemptuous" and a bizarre face.

Last week the United States tightened its position in the South China Sea, saying it would give back countries in the region, challenging Beijing's 90% argument in its strategic waterway.

In a statement on Saturday, the U.S. embassy in Yangon called for Chinese action in the South China Sea and Hong Kong, where Beijing has enforced strict national security laws that are part of a "larger model of undermining neighborly sovereignty." Is.

The U.S. statement noted similarities between China's actions in the South China Sea and Hong Kong with large - scale Chinese investment projects in Myanmar, the U.S. warns of bridal smuggling from Myanmar to China and the inflow of drugs from China into Myanmar.

The American embassy said, "Modern sovereignty is often lost - not by dramatic, drastic action, but by a cascade of small people."

China said in its statement that the United States had "shown a sour grape" attitude to "enhance Sino-Myanmar relations" and that another farce of "political gains" was a "global move by US officials to draw attention to domestic issues and seek selfishness."

"America must first look in the mirror and see if it still looks like a major country," it said.

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