UK PM Johnson told Israel: Do not link parts of occupied West Bank

LONDON, July 1  - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned Israel that any changes to the 1967 lines will not go ahead with plans for parts of the occupied West Bank.

"This connection represents a violation of international law," said Johnson, an opinion piece for Israel's bestselling daily, Yedioth Aharonoth. "It's a gift for those who want to remove old stories about Israel."

"I seriously hope the attachment doesn't go forward," he said. "If this happens, the UK will find no change in the 1967 lines unless agreed between the two parties."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he hopes to expand Israel's sovereignty in Jewish settlements and in the Jordan Valley, as announced by US President Donald Trump in January, under which the West Bank controls 30% of Israel.

Palestinian leaders, the United Nations, European powers, and Arab countries allied with Israel to deny any attachments to Israel's military-occupied land during the 1967 war.

Most global powers consider settlements illegal. Israel has disputed this, citing religious, historical, and political ties on earth.

"Israel's progress in improving relations with the Arab and Muslim worlds puts Israel in crisis," Johnson said, enabling justice and security for both Israel and Palestine.

Johnson said he welcomes Trump's commitment, but added, "I am sad to see proposals for the abolition of Palestinian territory."

He fears that "these proposals fail to meet the goal of reclaiming Israel's borders and are contrary to Israel's long-term interests."

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