US ambassador to visit South Korea to stop North Korean nuclear talks

U. for North Korea. Prior to the US election, there were some signs of any progress, but Point Man is scheduled to visit South Korea next week.

US deputy secretary of state Stephen Bezgan, who spearheaded work-force talks with the North Koreans, told Reuters that South Korea's counterparts were discussing anonymity during the visit. There will be many of the Foreign Ministry officials. Announced.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in said on Thursday that South Korean Foreign Minister Seoul is reopening US-North Korea on Thursday before US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un meet again before the US elections in November.

Began said it was time for both sides to rejoin and make “significant progress,” but the coronavirus pandemic makes it difficult for a person to hold a summit before the November election.

Last month, North Korea suddenly escalated tensions with South Korea and blew up a Korean liaison office across the border, suddenly announcing that it was halting unspecified military operations against the South.

North Korea has repeatedly said it would not return to negotiations until the United States abandoned its "hostile policies," with stringent sanctions, and another photo opportunity before the elections without significant concessions. Vowed not to negotiate with Trump.

"It's hard to imagine a situation where North Koreans should come back to the table unless the US proposal is very different than it was in the past," said Jenny Town, 38, a think-tank focused on North Korea.

"Yet, how reliable is it to prevent a possible change in governance in the U.S.?"

Trump and Kim first met in Singapore in 2018 as North Korea raised hopes of a deal to pull out of its nuclear weapons program.

But his second summit in Vietnam fell in early 2019.

Trump and Kim met in June 2019 in an isolated resettlement area in Korea and agreed to resume negotiations, but in October, work-floor talks broke out between the two sides in Sweden.

Trump's former national security adviser, John Bolton, told reporters in New York on Thursday that he may seek another summit with Kim as an "October surprise" before the presidential election.

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