Victoria Beckham was bullied at school

The former Spice Girl and fashion designer accepted her “weird” teenager and worked very hard to make friends.

She shared: "When I was in school I was a very strange young man; I did not have a large number of friends, and looking back I found that I was sometimes bored. I never wanted anyone else to feel how I was." So when Harper started school, I said to him, ‘If you’ve ever been to the playground and you have a little girl sitting on your own, ask her to play with you, play with her and get engaged. , Because mommy is that little girl. ‘I want everyone to know that no one is on their own when Harper is around. "

Victoria feels that the coronavirus epidemic has made compassion more "important" these days.

He said in Vogue Australia: "In my opinion, this epidemic has made compassion even more important - no one can ignore it. Right now, there is a lot of uncertainty and we are all scared and frightened. None of us. Experienced in the previous situation, so protecting and explaining this crazy time to our children And being more patient, understanding and helping each other.

"As a family, we 've seen how we can help others stay in the lockdown with small gestures, because if we make it a little easier for others and give people a good little surprise, in the US, it's a small thing.

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