What must happen to Juventus to win the title 50

What must happen to Juventus to win the title  50

Elsewhere results may be less than 24 hours from title time.

For the last few rounds of play, I am giving maths about the title at the end of my match report. Now, the end is close enough, we decided to keep it in a convenient place for everyone.

After Monday's victory over Lazio, Zhuve's magic number four earned himself, fell with his closest followers, Inter or his combination.

The famous cheater from Milan (sorry Sergio stole his line) helped reduce that number to two for a goalless draw against Fiorentina on Wednesday. This means that tomorrow's Juventus situation is very simple:

If Juventus wins
They defeat Uddin.

To upset Uddin, the situation is as follows:

If Juventus wins
They defeated Sampdoria,


Juventus draw on Sampotoria and Inter


Lost at the hands of Inter Geno.

Saturday is Interplay Genoa, so it's possible for Zue to win the title of Soul Diwano (which is one of my all-time favorite Casio phrases), but clearly, everyone here is hoping for that weekend's last whistle tomorrow

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